Edmonton Used Cars – How to Find the Right One For Your Needs

Edmonton is situated in the Canadian province of Alberta. It’s a medium sized city with a metropolitan population of about one million people. As befits the capital of the province, Edmonton has its fair supply of new and used car dealerships. Edmonton used cars often provide excellent value for money.The past twenty odd years brought with it a lot of economic prosperity. Many of us never even considered buying a used car. It was automatically accepted that you would buy a new car every two or three years. The current financial crisis has made all of us more realistic and most people will now at least give a thought to buying a good used vehicle when the time comes.A car loses a lot of its market value during the first two years after being sold. It could easily lose 25% of its value during this period. For the seller it’s not good news. For the buyer it means you can buy a nearly new vehicle at twenty five percent less than the cost of a new vehicle.Buying a good used car therefore makes a lot of economic sense. It certainly does not mean you are buying a second rate vehicle. Check the service manual thoroughly to make sure that the owner properly maintained the vehicle. Should the interior and exterior of the car also look virtually new, you can start to get excited; you are on your way to buy a car that nobody will even know is not brand new.You should always compare the mileage reading with that reflected in the vehicle’s service manual. If the last service was done at 100 000km, but the mileage reading suddenly shows 40 000 km, somebody tampered with the reading! If you buy a car with not more than fifty thousand kilos on the clock you’re buying a vehicle that has more than eighty percent of its lifetime ahead. If it has been serviced regularly it should still give you many years of worry-free motoring.Sometimes people check out the obvious items such as the engine, bodywork and gearbox of a vehicle, but fail to ensure that smaller things, which could cost a fortune if it has to be fixed, are also in a good working condition. You certainly don’t want to find out the air conditioner isn’t working for the first time when the outside temperature has risen to more than 30 degrees Celsius!Winters in Edmonton can become extremely cold, so use your common sense and make sure that the car’s heater is in a working order. You really don’t want to freeze to death on your way to shop at the West Edmonton Mall when outside temperatures drop to minus forty degrees Celsius.Whenever you purchase a used car, it is always a good idea to buy from a dealership that has a reputation for honesty and good value for money. Certainly you can get a cheaper car from a small dealer with grubby offices near the railway tracks, but do you really want to take that chance? Edmonton used cars are the same as other used cars after all: if you don’t use common sense you are bound to be sorry sooner or later.

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